Welcome Meeks as a Media team member!

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Welcome Meeks as Media team member. She will translate plant language into English.

Welcome Teodora as a singer of our music team!

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We are already in rehearsals and making recordings of the healing energy of plants. You will see us soon at various fairs, stores, yoga studios, etc.

School Presentation starts!

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We are thrilled to introduce the language and communication of plants to kids at schools. Introducing live precious plant music and communicating with plants by touching, talking and sending feelings, We will share creative movements, VOGA!

Happy New Year 2015!

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Our “Art- Science Team” member, Nitya, invited us to a lovely creative and educational Miel evening. While we prayed, chatted and shared storiew over Hawthorn spirits, she shared her amazing “hawthorn/rose-petal syrup♥” with us in her kitchen. Our hearts opened up as soon as each of us tasted it! Smiling faces on everybody. It was […]

Hello world!

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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Gaia Voce.  News & events will be posted here so stay tuned!