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Laynae :  Founder/Producer/Singer

Laynae was born and raised by a lake and waterfall in a high and isolated mountainous area that attracted many spiritual seekers and those with an affinity to natural beauty.
Her youth was filled with her family’s love and the extremely beautiful natural environment.
Thus, she developed a strong connection to nature: with water, plants, small animals and wild animals.
Exploring caves, forests, and lakes by herself was her almost daily routine.

Not surprisingly, she connected deeply to the roots of trees and to rocks from running and walking around them every day for many years.
She could run down from the tops of mountains with her eyes almost closed, since her entire body connected to the rhythm of lands and to the spirits of nature throughout the
four seasons.

In addition to natural life, she was surrounded by special house guests, like international artists and scholars, who invited her to connect, especially to music and art.
That environment nurtured her soul and gave her the opportunity to study classical music from a young age.
She loved painting and drawing as well, and would gaze at the stars while sitting on the roof of her house.

After graduating from college, she visited and lived in many foreign countries while raising her daughter.

After living for more than a half century, she confirmed that she chose this life to be a storyteller of Gaia through the music of plants and her voice, especially to our children.

Looking at many trees with colorful leaves, she foresaw in the near future the coming of a new age in which humans, animals, and nature lived harmoniously in the Fifth Dimension.
She would not be here physically, but the plants on Gaia would carry on all the memories of humanity for a million years.              In this moment, she would like to share the symbiotic communication of plants with you.

“ Her soul sings the song of inspirational creativity and harmonious balance. She holds the beautiful energy of sweetness and clear truth in her heart, and seeks to infuse this planet with enlightened ideas while nurturing the planet at its core. She holds an embodiment of Mother Gaia deep within her veins and deeply connects to her beauty and love. She is very gifted with strong intuition and empathic abilities, and has come to embrace these Divine gifts and share them with humanity.
Her gifts in the areas of diplomatic communication and the ability to diffuse negativity and confusion by directing to Divine Source is a part of her soul.”