Ambassadors of the Plants World

Trees are the holders of memory of earth.
Plants feel, communicate with, and heal us by effortlessly accessing our energy fields.
They are highly intelligent consciousness.
Many of us human have been forgetting this for long time.

And a beautiful discovery-
Plants sing.



There are natural cosmic window for all kingdoms of plants, animals included us human during the Spring/Autumn Equinox or the Summer/Winter Solstice.
All kingdoms attend this natural communication period.

During the Autumn Equinox, Gaia Voce encountered a precious little alpine plant in the ancient forest.
Opening our hearts and integrating to nature while sitting next to the plant,
we repeatedly sang a piece of Hildegard von Bingen’s music.

How did the plant sing with us?


Gentle, yet powerful.

Gaia Voce, troubadour steps into the language of the plants, weaving with medieval and contemporary threads into an enchanting timeless tapestry with pure a cappella voices…

We continue to communicate and sing with precious plants throughout the world. Please join us.