Have you ever communicated with your favorite plants?
Of course you have, whether you are aware of it or not.


Through your emotions, gentle touch, breathing, and hugging … you have been communicating with them in many ways.

Plants have their own consciousness, which is higher than we can imagine.

Gaia Voce started recording, communicating and singing with plants in 2013.
The symbiotic relationship between plants and humans that we have uncovered through our journey is pretty amazing.

Now we would like to share with you not only listening to their highly sophisticated music, but singing with and toning with your own true voice.
Please don’t be worried if you don’t have perfect pitch!
Our voices will be supported by symbiotic plants in the quantum fields.
So there is no traditional Do, Re, Mi based on the traditional music approach.

Listen deeply to your true voice within your own HEART.

Many plants have healing properties.
We take them into our bodies as herbal medicine, herbal teas, and essential oils … so why can’t we use their music as well to heal?

Yoga for VOICE with plant music.
We named it VOGA™.
Yoga or Kirtan gives us awareness by some sort of medium through higher consciousness.
What VOGA™ invites you to do is to connect to the Self through your OWN true voice communicating with plants.

VOGA™ involves very gentle and self motivated movements.

Bring your own yoga matt/cushion/water bottle and your heart.
Go home with your truth in your heart.
Don’t forget to come back again with sunshine in your heart.

Please come and join us.

Gaia Voce
VOGA™ team