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Join us in listening to, communicating with, meditating with and creating precious plant music in the Gaia Voce Forest. Enjoy it by yourself, with your family, at your store/yoga/healing studio, in meditation. We combine multiple healing effects in our works: color therapy, 432 Hz, crystal frequency through actual plant music/video. Quarterly Subscription Includes:

Recurring quarterly subscription
One HQ Video
One Medicinal Plant Music
One Plant Music
“Stella Splendens” Medley with Oregon Grapes for community 
And more!
Community Forums
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Why Donate?

“The Gaia Voce Forest” is our dream forest  where plants, crystals and residents’ creations are calling powerfully to a brand new humanity, especially for our children.
The window is now open.
By uniting the power of plants on earth, we can rapidly activate the higher consciousness of humanity that we lost in ancient times.
We would like to find “the Gaia Voce Forest” on Gaia so that our precious and gifted children can visit it and communicate, sing and dance with plants by connecting with Gaia through the modern technology we offer.
Please donate to make it happen soon.
Our future is in our hands!
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