Mandala 17

Stories of exquisite wines of the NW in ancient history.
Reflect of the soils of dramatic geographical history, which includes volcanic activity, massive flooding and glacier movement of NW in the US.
As glaciers crawled through the region during the last ice age – from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago – they deposited the fine – grained and fertile alluvial soils atop the basalt bedrock that collected from lava flows of the Cascade volcanos. These huge ice formations held back water from the massive and ancient Lake Missula, periodically bursting in places
to release flood waters with explosive force, carving the landscape and leaving gravely soils behind.
Reflecting this history, today’s soils include loam, sand and gravel, providing an excellent free – draining medium in which grape vines thrive.

Quiet your mind for a while out of ancient memories, then engage each of your senses.
Breathe, smell, taste and enjoy their rich colors in your eyes over these exquisite wines and now we invite you to listen the actual grape vines transformative music through your ears.

Modern technology has made it possible for us to get data and create unique actual plants music by connecting electrodes to the plants’ leaves and soil.

Would you like to have your ears nurtured through the communication, unique NW actual grape vines music while you share the wine and food with your loved one or friends?