Happy Summer Solstice in 2014!
It was a beautiful day surrounded by many trees and flowers.
We joined the Bulgarian Solstice gathering.
People kept dancing forever with beautiful Bulgarian live music.
The rhythms were intriguing and it was fun to watch them dance.

While people were still dancing and enjoying food and house wines, I found my favorite flowers, “forget me nots,” in the corner of a field.
I have wanted to record the flower for a long time. So I set up the device and connected the electrodes to her tiny leaves and soil close to her roots.
Soon many kids came over and were very curious to listen the music of the flower.

They have a natural response to it without a doubt.
Their seriousness and concentration while listening to the flower’s music showed us that they have waited for such a chance since they were born.
We not only confirmed the power of plants, but also were overwhelmed while witnessing these kids’ inner maturity and profound understanding of nature.

There is great hope that our children are our future, this planet Earth’s future.
They have the ability to ask and participate with the wisdom of the plant world to co-create a new earth.

We commit to continue introducing the plants’ music for children.

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